Brownwood City Council members will present a proposed $29.34 million budget to taxpayers during a public hearing at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The proposed budget, which is 7 percent larger than the 2006-’07 budget of $27.41 million, calls for a reduction in the property tax rate but increases in water, sewer and sanitation rates.

The budget includes a 13 percent increase in the funds for police and fire department salaries, and a 3 percent cost of living raise for all other city employees.

The budget also includes funds for two additional patrol officers for the police department.

The proposed tax rate is 74.52 cents per $100 valuation, down from the current rate of $78.99 cents.

Council members balanced the budget and eliminated a $996,802 deficit during workshops earlier this month.

Proposed increases in the water, sewer and sanitation rates are:

Water consumption rate — increase by 3 cents from $1.99 to $2.02 per unit to cover a Brown County Water Improvement District rate increase of 7.04 cents per unit. Water base rate — increase by $3 from $17.95 to $20.95 for a 3/4-inch meter to cover 48.2 percent of increased bond payments to the water district. The remaining 52 percent will come from fund balance reserves. Sanitation rate — increase by 4 percent to cover increases in the cost of fuel and parts. Sewer rate — increase by 3.3 percent to cover increased fuel and material costs.

Also included in the proposed budget are $133,125 for the transportation museum, which includes the salary of museum curator Mary Irving.

Other factors in the increase in projected expenses include:

13 percent increase in funds for salaries for police and fire departments — $379,500. 3 percent cost-of-living increase for all other employees — $206,200. Landfill excavation — $200,000, up from $50,000. Code enforcement demolition — $69,000 up from $35,000. Street repairs — $400,000, up from $330,000. Inflation — $597,000.