Warrants had not been issued Monday on four registered sex offenders, as was reported in the Bulletin on Tuesday.

Reports were filed on the offenders, suggesting the warrants be issued because checks at the offenders’ last reported addresses indicated they had moved, but as of Monday afternoon, no warrants had been issued.

According to Brownwood Police Sgt. Troy Carroll, the process between having a report filed and issuing a warrant can be complicated with multiple steps.

“It can take 20 minutes, or it can take two years, depending on the steps you have to go through,” Carroll said.

One of the offenders had reported Monday and given his address change, exactly as required. Registered sex offenders are required to report a change of address to the proper law enforcement authorities within seven days of a move, and in that particular case, the person had only moved within the last several days, Carroll said.

Cases differ, and some offenders must report to either their probation officer or local police quarterly. Some lesser degree offenders are only required to report annually, on their birthday.

The names and addresses of registered sex offenders are, by state law, public record. The Texas Department of Public Safety maintains the list, which is posted on its Web site.