Randall Krpoun entered law enforcement almost on a fluke: without giving it much thought, he signed up to be a military policeman when he joined the Army in 1980.

He found that he liked law enforcement.

Not counting his four-year Army enlistment, Krpoun has been in law enforcement for 20 years — 15 with the Brownwood Police Department — and he is the Brownwood department’s newest lieutenant.

Krpoun, 47, assumed the rank Dec. 14 after taking a Civil Service test and meeting other criteria. An opening for lieutenant was created after Bill Stirman retired in September.

Krpoun is one of two lieutenants in the department. He and Lt. John Harper each command a platoon of two squads.

“I had planned to retire as a sergeant,” Krpoun said.

After the Army, Krpoun worked for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and the Lakeway Police Department. He became a Brownwood officer in 1992.

He said his duties as a lieutenant are mostly administrative and deal with policy — not working directly with the “troops,” as he’s been used to doing. “That’s a radically different role for me,” he said.

Krpoun said most of his contact is with two sergeants and his own supervisor, Assistant Chief Garry Page.

“It’s interesting. It’s a whole new ball game,” Krpoun said of his new rank.

Krpoun’s wife, Ann, is the Brown County treasurer.