Early and Brownwood police anticipate making at least one arrest in a small counterfeit operation by three 18- and 19-year-olds.

Authorities reported that one of the three has confessed to making counterfeit $5 bills at one of the other’s houses on Bowie Circle. One of the bills was passed at the 7-Eleven store on 3801 Fourth St., used to buy cigarettes. The others were used at Chicken Express in Early. All of the bills were detected with the special marker used to check the authenticity of currency. The 18-year-old who confessed was caught on the 7-Eleven’s video surveillance camera Dec. 9.

Also, according to police reports filed Monday, someone passed a $50 counterfeit bill at Underwood’s late Saturday evening. The bill wasn’t detected by the special marker, but police determined it likely was a $5 bill that was altered, reprinted and passed off as a $50 bill.

And on Friday, police responded to a report of a possible forgery at Ace Cash Express. A man tried to cash two $950 Money Gram money orders, allegedly signed by Harry Spencer. The man cashing them told police he did not know a Harry Spencer, but had a relative, Roger Spencer, who lived in California, where the money order had originated. The man told police the relative owed him money and he figured the money orders were from him as a loan repayment. Money Gram officials confirmed money orders with the same serial numbers had been cashed in October, in California, for lesser amounts.

In other reports, filed Monday:

• Brownwood City Marshal Dean Kilburn went to a serve an arrest warrant at a home in the 1500 block of Lane on Friday. While waiting at the door for the resident to answer, he noticed a marijuana plant growing in a cut-in-half milk jug. The suspect Kilburn was looking for, he was told, had moved out of town. Charges will be filed on the man at the residence for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces.

• A man who had filed assault charges against his brother in July told police and Assistant Brown County Attorney Elisha Nix he had actually fallen from a tree and injured himself, and accused his brother because of a disagreement the two had. But the man said he was now a “practicing Christian” and knew it was “wrong to lie to police” so he wanted to set the record straight. Nix said the charges would be dropped.

• Police were called to Wal-Mart parking lot Sunday night after an assault was reported. The caller making the report said the suspect was walking toward the Murphy station facing Commerce and wasn’t wearing a shirt. Police arrived to find a pickup with the driver’s window broken out, and on the passenger’s side, a sweatshirt with a can of Clean Safe Dust Remover sitting on the ground. The driver said he, his sister and her boyfriend had gone into Wal-Mart, but had separated once inside. When he came out, his sister’s boyfriend was “huffing” the dust remover, which he suspected he had stolen from Wal-Mart.

The boyfriend was apprehended and said the plan was for both him and his girlfriend’s brother to steal the dust remover because he’d been told by friends earlier that day “it was a good high.” The boyfriend had gotten mad when the other man didn’t follow through with the plan, and he’d broken out the window and punched the brother. Police arrested the boyfriend. Other charges may be filed when the owner of the pickup, an uncle to the girlfriend and her brother, who was out of town, returns.