Three new members were seated on the Greenleaf Cemetery board Wednesday, and Patti Jordan and Harold Hogan were elected by the board to be president and vice president.

New board members are Martha Faetche, Lisa Flood and Hogan.

“This board is enthused, ready to work and full of good ideas,” said Jordan. “All of the board members came from the ‘FROG’ - Friends and Relatives of Greenleaf - so they’re well aware of the challenges we are faced with. They want to find solutions.”

FROG is hosting a cemetery work day starting at 9 a.m. Saturday.

“We need volunteers,” Jordan said. “Volunteers who can bring tools, or can help in any way. There is plenty to do, and we’re getting ready for the season change.”

Jordan said for the second time since the major cleanup and restoration work at the cemetery began, the Granite Guys from Early would be on site to reset historical grave markers that have shifted over the years.

“They will need some strong backs, I’m sure, to help with that task,” Jordan said.

Also on Saturday, Lynn Humeniuk’s Howard Payne University class will join volunteers to help paint the inside and outside of the office and plant new shrubs and flowers.

“We’ve had significant donations that will help with our goal of restoration and upkeep,” Jordan said.

Donations range from fill dirt needed to reset the markers, to mulch, to ornamental plants and shrubs.

“We appreciate it all and look forward to a great work day,” Jordan said.