Brown and several surrounding counties have registered a population increase of 175 over the past two years, but Eastland, Mills and Comanche counties have slipped slightly, according to estimated data released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Census information was presented to members of the board of the Brownwood Economic Development Corp. board this week. Area counties’ employment information typically reviewed at the meetings has not been received for this month, Executive Director James Campbell said Thursday.

The data just released reflect population estimates as of the end of January 2007, which updates a previous estimate from the same time in 2005.

Brown County’s population stood at 38,839, up from 38,664 two years earlier, according to the report. The estimated population of the City of Brownwood, however, slipped from 20,407 to 20,138 during those two years.

Callahan, Coleman, Comanche and McCulloch also showed population increases.

Callahan County’s population went from 13,516 to 13,520 during the two years.

Coleman County was up from 8,665 to 8,856.

Comanche County went from 13,709 to 14,156.

McCulloch County increased from 7,956 to 8,104.

Eastland County slipped from 18,393 to 18,325.

Mills County was down from 5,237 to 5,211.

San Saba County edged downward from 6,076 to 6,066.

The census report also reflects medium age and medium household income, which is unchanged based on the headcount taken at the start of the decade. Those figures follow:

Brown County - Median age 37.2, median income $33,770.

Callahan County - Median age 39.8, median income $33,084.

Coleman County - Median age 43.0, median income $25,412.

Comanche County - Median age 40.3, median income $29,665.

Eastland County - Median age 41.3, median income $28,112.

McCulloch County - Median age 40.4, median income $28,292.

Mills County - Median age 44.4, median income $29,293.

San Saba County - Median age 39.4, median income $29,646.