Brown County officials plan to review a contract with the office of the Texas Attorney General involving child support collections before signing a renewal, or asking county commissioners to approve it should it have changes.

County Judge Ray West said Monday he is authorized to sign a contract renewal of an Aug. 7, 2006, agreement if it is unchanged, but the number of pages included in an attachment has been reduced from 29 to 19. However, West noted that the type size on several pages is smaller.

West told county commissioners, who held a brief meeting before recessing to continue a series of budget workshops, that he would ask County Attorney Shane Britton to review the new document.

District Clerk Jan Brown said the collections contract calls for the attorney general’s office to pay 66 percent of the cost of filing citations in child support cases. In situations where the defendant ultimately pays those fees, the state is reimbursed.

“If we collect, we collect 100 percent,” Brown told commissioners. “We get a report every month showing what we filed and what it costs. On that report, we subtract what the state pays. It’s a good deal.”

West said whatever action is needed to continue the agreement can be taken before the end of August.