Bulletin Staff Report

Brownwood Bulletin readers will be able to get re-acquainted with an old friend this morning. After a five week hiatus, the weekly TV listings book - On Entertainment - has returned to the print edition of the Bulletin.

“While we realize that we cannot please everyone with the decisions we make, our readers made it clear that this was a change they did not agree with,” Bulletin general manager Bill Crist said. “Bringing back the TV book was important to our customers, and after several internal discussions we developed a plan that will allow us to do that.”

In the first week after it was dropped from the Sunday edition, more than 100 people called to voice their complaints. Both Crist and Bulletin publisher Robert Brincefield explained that the decision was about trying to juggle ever-rising costs with their goal of keeping the local content in the Bulletin as intact as was possible, while trying to hold the line on subscription prices.

“We explored, discussed and tried to predict the business outcome for several different avenues we could take in the current economic environment. The expedient option was merely to pass along the increased cost to our readers. It would not be something unique for them - more and more companies are taking that approach everyday,” Brincefield said in his weekly column on July 20.

Initial response to the announcement has been positive, from both subscribers and advertisers. One customer, who had come to the Bulletin offices on Friday to cancel a subscription, decided to renew for a full year when told that the section was returning.

“Our commitment to Brownwood, its citizens, businesses and organizations, remains unchanged. The decision to make the change we did was partially an economic one, but also driven by perceived changes in lifestyle,” Crist said. “If including the listings in a book form helps make our news package complete, though, we’ll go that direction.”

This week’s section features comedian Bob Saget on the cover and contains listings that run from Sunday through Saturday.