A speeding Harley Davidson rider, a man who had his wife with him in violation of a protective order, and a woman accused of taking prescription pills from a relativeís home were recent incidents that led to arrests, police said.

Motorcyclist Clifford Denison Jr., 45, of Brownwood, was booked into the Brown County Jail early Tuesday morning on charges of evading arrest and detention with a vehicle and reckless driving, jail records state.

Officer Stephanie Morgan was on patrol at 11:30 p.m. Monday when she heard a loud exhaust and the revving of an engine, Morganís report states. She saw a Harley Davidson motorcycle traveling on Beaver at high speed. The motorcyclist ran a stop sign, accelerated rapidly and rode at more than 65 mph in a 40-mph zone, Morganís report states.

The motorcyclist swerved from side to side and nearly lost control when entering a curve at high speed on Belle Plain. Morgan activated her patrol carís overhead lights and siren, and the motorcyclist rode at 80-85 mph in a 45-mph zone on Belle Plain, her report states.

The motorcyclist began to slow down as he passed FM 2125, then pulled into a used car lot, where he was arrested.

Thomas Davis, 32, of Carbon, was booked into jail Monday on a charge of violation of a protective order, records state.

Early officer Nathan Land made a traffic stop of Davisí vehicle, and a driverís license check showed that Davis was the subject of a protective order issued in Eastland County on behalf of his wife, Early Police Chief David Mercer said.

Davis' wife was in the vehicle, Mercer said. ďA protective order issued by a judge prohibits the party from being within a certain distance of the complainant (under) any circumstances,Ē Mercer said.

Following another Early traffic stop, Robin Brady, 24, of Brownwood, was arrested on two charges of possession of dangerous drug, jail records state.

Officer Reese Shaffer stopped a vehicle in which Brady was a passenger, Mercer said. Several prescription pills, identified as Hydrocodone and Lorazepam, were near one of the women. It was determined the pills had been taken from her relativeís home in Fort Worth, Mercer said.

In another incidents:

ē Officer Trey Weathermon arrested Candice Ramsey, 27, of Brownwood, on a theft charge in connection with an attempted shoplifting from Wal-Mart.

A woman tried to take several items of adult and childrenís clothing, and food including ice cream bars and cereal, Weathermonís report states.

ē Deputy Jed Polnick arrested Milton Delgado, 28, of Bangs, on charges of tampering with government records and possessing a fictional driverís license.

Polnick was dispatched to the EZ-Mart at 3311 N. Highway 183 on a suspicious person report. A man consented to a search of his vehicle, and Polnick found a driverís license, Social Security card, insurance card and Kohler ID card, all with the name Jose Rodriguez. The picture on the driverís license matched Delgado, and the driverís license number came back to the name of a man in DeKalb, Polnickís report states.

Delgado told Polnick he was in the country illegally and had bought a driverís license, Social Security card, and birth certificate from someone in Waco so he could obtain work in Texas, the report states.

Polnick contacted Border Patrol, and the agency said Delgado was in the country illegally and faxed a detainer for him, the report states.