EASTLAND — Flood waters have been receding in Eastland, but relief volunteers with the Salvation Army are now asking for donations of basic supplies — mosquito repellent, bleach and trash bags.

“We are going through it (repellent) hand over fist,” said Meg Kennedy, a Salvation Army volunteer. “As soon as we get a supply in, it’s gone within a matter of minutes.”

The mosquito problem is aggravating the situation that has seen the county seat of Eastland County working to overcome continuous heavy rain and flood waters that hit the city a week ago.

Kennedy said mosquitoes are causing problems for those who are cleaning up homes and businesses that had been submerged in water.

The Salvation Army is asking for donations of mosquito repellent to supply disaster cleanup crews. Two hundred additional workers are expected to arrive to assist in the next few days, and more repellent will be needed for them.

The organization is also asking for donations of bleach and trash bags, as those items are routinely being sold out at local stores.

An estimated 261 homes in Eastland County were affected by flooding, most of them in the Lake Leon area.

To donate mosquito repellent, bleach or trash bags, call Kennedy in advance at (254) 631-3757.

Supplies can then be delivered to the Eastland flood relief disaster center at 201 S. Green St.