EARLY ó The Early City Council will deal once again tonight with the issue of entering into a contract with the Brown County Water Improvement District to buy treated water.

But they will no longer have to wrestle with the debate of whether to install a pipeline and start buying treated water, or build a new water treatment plant and continue treating its own water.

Council members settled that issue on June 24, when they voted 3-1 to choose the pipeline option.

The water district has offered to supply the labor to install a 24-inch pipeline that would have a capacity of 10 million gallons a day. The council meets at 6 p.m. at City Hall. The entire agenda follows:

1. Call to order and invocation.

2. Consideration of the minutes of the previous meeting.

3. Citizensí comments (the council invites citizens to speak to the council on any topic not already on the agenda).

4. Consider an ordinance concerning an application from Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC for authority to change rates.

5. Consider a request for a 12-foot variance to the 25-foot setback required on both streets of a corner lot for a fence at 111 Mark Allen Drive.

6. Consider for approval the second quarter investment report.

7. Discussion and update on proposed purchase of water from the Brown County Water Improvement District.

8. Committee reports

Center Committee

Liaison Committee

9. Administratorís report.