Why has the need been forgotten?

It was a day of anger

So many full of rage

It was a day of sadness

A question on life’s page.

“How can these be so hateful?

How can they kill us so cold?”

T’was then resolve was hardened

And America waxed bold.

But more than this, in many heart

The realization came

God was indeed the answer . . .

And they were alien to His name.

So many began to seek Him

And pursue His lasting truths.

They knew they’d been neglectful

Their broken lives were proof.

Here we stand six years later

And America’s gone back to itself.

It has stopped seeking

God and His guidance

The Bibles are back on the shelf

Those who were trying to live right

Have forgotten the reason their zeal

Was sparked in the very beginning

9/11 is no longer real.

It is sad, it is hard, it’s confounding

Why God is no longer sought

By those people who six years


Cried out in their need

— Now they’re not.

The need has not gone

or diminished,

It is only the fact that their hearts

Have forgotten how lost

their souls are

And they’ve marked God’s

will off their charts.

I beg all the world now to listen

If you needed the Father that day,

Why are you now living

selfish again

Why aren’t you still seeking

His way?

— Written by Anna Grace Hall

of Bangs