Former foster mom Phylecia Humphries, who was sentenced to 10 years probation a year ago for sexually assaulting her teenage foster son, was arrested Monday on allegations that she violated her probation.

    The district attorney’s office filed a document on Dec. 11 in 35th District Court seeking the revocation of Humphries’ probation, alleging violations including driving while intoxicated in Abilene on Dec. 6.

    Bond was denied for Humphries, 27, and she remained in the Brown County Jail Tuesday pending a hearing in 35th District Court. It will be up to a judge to determine whether she violated her probation and whether to send her to prison. The hearing has not yet been scheduled.

    The district attorney’s office also alleged in the motion to revoke Hum-phries’ probation that she violated her probation by consuming alcohol, was at a place where alcoholic beverages are possessed, sold or used, associated with a felon, left Brown County without permission from her probation officer, and is delinquent in paying a fine, court costs, restitution and probation fees, according to the court document.

    A jury convicted Humphries on Dec. 12, 2008, of sexual assault of a child after a weeklong trial, sentenced her to 10 years probation and assessed a $10,000 fine.

    Humphries’ foster son was 13 when he and Humphries began a sexual relationship in 2005, and Humphries became pregnant by the boy, testimony trial showed. She gave birth to the boy’s child, a girl, in June 2006.

    The defense argued that Humphries had given in to the 13-year-old boy while she was depressed and emotionally fragile. After the first encounter, the defense argued, the boy blackmailed her into four more encounters.