’Twas the night before Advent, when all through the land

Not a creature was stirring, just wind-driven sand .

The stockings not hung by the chimney with care,

for the reason of hope was not quite yet there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of more cold days filled all their heads.

The sheep were all sleeping, I lay near their place,

Thinking a long night of cold we did face.

When out on the hills there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my rest to see what was the matter.

Away to the sheep I flew like a flash,

For some animal, I knew, would hope them to gash.

The moon on the top of the cold barren land

Cast the shadows of gloom that had filled this poor man.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a beautiful angel that struck me with fear!

With broad and strong shoulders, He shone like the sun.

I trembled and fretted, and thought first to run.

Then thousands and thousands joined him, and more,

Their wings struck the air and caused it to roar!

"Fear not” was his call, his voice calm and still

“I bring news of a Savior, to all men good will!”

“In the city of David, He’s born on this day"

“He is the dear Christ child, the Lord, and the Way”

“A sign has been given, this babe you shall know,

He lay in a manger, so humble and low.”

His message complete, He flew high and stood

With the thousands of angels, we’d count if we could.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard them on high

This message from angels, “Salvation is nigh.”

“Glory to God in the highest,” they said.

“And peace among men,” then shortly they fled.

And so it came when the angels had gone,

The sky was still bright like the first morning sun.

Our hearts lept within us to see this new King,

We’d heard the good news that the angels did sing.

So straightway to Bethlehem we ran in a dash

Could this be the One our sorrows to smash?

We’d heard the great prophets tell us the tale

Of a Savior named Jesus who was not to fail.

Soon we arrived and saw it was true,

The baby was born, our lives to make new.

He had a small face and little round head,

And slept calm and mild, with hay for his bed!

His mother named Mary pondered all this,

Her heart was still wrought with his fresh newborn bliss.

And Joseph stood watching, his eyes all agleam

He looked as if caught in a wonderful dream.

We left as we’d come but with hearts full of joy,

Singing “Glory to God” for His new baby boy.

We’d seen the world’s Savior we now had no doubt,

He’d come for us all, our hearts to clean out!

So with Christmas upon us, I hope we all hear

That Christ is the reason we hope new each year.

If we miss this one truth, this all is in vain

The Savior of the world, at Christmas, He came!

Copyright, Corey Ash, used by permission