LAKE BROWNWOOD — It’s been a busy summer at Lake Brownwood State Park, with more local residents taking advantage of the recreational resource in their own back yard.

And with a couple of weeks left before schools resume, there’s still time this summer for families to enjoy all the park has to offer, Superintendent John Holland said.

Holland said exact numbers for the summer are not complete, but that his feel is that attendance this year has been normal to above normal.

For example, the number of visitors in June this year was up 4 percent from that month last year.

The July 4 weekend saw large crowds, but attendance has eased somewhat since then. Holland said the final report for last month is not yet available.

“It’s been a little more localized,” Holland said of the hometowns of those coming to the state park this summer.

Holland said use of the state park is historically strong from residents of the Midland-Odessa and Lubbock areas, but that has dropped some — a possible reflection of economic considerations by vacationers.

“But we’ve seen more guests from the Abilene area and smaller towns nearby,” Holland said.

Those who come to the Lake Brownwood State Park will see the results of additional funding appropriated by the Texas Legislature in 2007. That included a new employee who is acting as a peace officer/interpreter, plus new equipment needed to maintain the facility.

“We also have a budget that keeps up with general operations,” Holland said. “In the past, we would often come up short on things like utilities, and we would have to find money from somewhere else to pay for electricity.”

Holland said the state park is an ideal destination for family outings, whether it’s for one day, a weekend or longer.

“Considering how many people visit here every year, they are very well-behaved for the most part,” Holland said. He said the lake patrol of the Brown County Water Improvement District No. 1 is generous about assisting park officers in that area.

Lodges and cabins are still mostly booked for most summer weekends through Labor Day, Holland said, but reservations for weekdays and fall weekends can still be had.

Local park information is available by calling 784-5223.