When his first two answers “didn’t make sense” to the policeman questioning him, a 41-year-old pedestrian decided “not to lie anymore.”

The two lies and the man’s honest answer, in addition to other indications of his being intoxicated, landed the man in jail Saturday night.

Officer Sky Self, with the Brownwood Police Department, saw Brian Bilbrey walking near the intersection of Market Place and West Commerce while on patrol shortly before midnight Saturday. Self wrote in his report that he noticed the pedestrian’s hand was bleeding profusely. Self asked Bilbrey what happened and he said he was a roofer and had cut it that day.

But Self told Bilbrey that didn’t make sense because the wound was bleeding, still, and couldn’t have been bleeding all day like that. According to Self’s report, Bilbrey smiled. Self then asked Bilbrey where he was going, and he said he was walking home. But Self told him that didn’t make sense because the direction he was headed was opposite from where his apartment was.

According to Self’s report, the man then said he “wasn’t going to lie anymore” and that he was actually headed to the store to buy a six-pack of beer. Self arrested the man on a public intoxication charge.

Other incidents in police reports Monday included a break-in and vandalism at Northwest Elementary; a woman’s foiled attempt at cashing four Money-Gram money orders; and a hit and run incident Friday at CiCi’s.

A vandal apparently threw a baseball-size rock through the first-grade library window at Northwest Elementary School to gain entry into the building. Once inside, the vandal smeared bright blue paint around the walls and ceiling of a room and threw yogurt cups against the wall causing them to burst open and splatter the contents.

The investigation into the vandalism is continuing.

Between 8 and 8:30 a.m. Saturday, a woman attempted to cash four Money-gram money orders totaling $683 at Wal-Mart, but the routine check store department manager Tammy Brown made showed the money orders to have been already cashed, and other checks showed the four money orders to be counterfeit. Brown asked the woman to wait while she called police, but the woman left the store. When police arrived, they were able to call the woman on a cell phone, but the connection was bad and police were unable to get further information. Police took the money orders to keep as evidence.

On Friday, while Roy Jones was eating lunch at CiCi’s he noticed a group of people gathered around his car in the parking lot. When he went outside to see why, several witnesses said they had just seen a small white truck with a camper bump into his car and drive away.

Jones told police the damage was minimal, but he wanted the incident investigated. He also said the driver of the other vehicle might have bumped his car and not realized they hit anything. Witnesses gave police a license plate number, but no match for the number was found in the data base.