A man tried to buy a $1 item using a fake $100 bill, then succeeded in buying $25 worth of lottery tickets with the phony tender before being arrested, police said.

Chad Cooper, 26, was booked Friday into the Brown County Jail on a forgery charge, jail records state.

A woman told Brownwood Police Sgt. Mitch Slaymaker a man tried to buy the $1 item from her garage, but she wouldn’t take his $100 bill because she didn’t believe it was real. The man said it had better be real because he’d just been paid by his employer, Slaymaker’s report states.

A dispatcher radioed that someone had just passed a phony $100 bill at the Country Store, 1201 Austin Ave. As Slaymaker was on his way to the store, he saw the suspect vehicle parked at the Allsup’s store at 1019 Coggin.

Slaymaker went in the store, where a man told him he “had an agreement with Dan” and was going to return with some real money. When Slaymaker asked the man what he was talking about, he replied, “Well, I assume you are here to talk about the fake money,” Slaymaker’s report states.

Slaymaker learned that the man had gone to the Country Store and used the fake money to buy lottery tickets. An employee at that store was suspicious of the bill but “hesitantly” accepted because the man, a regular customer, assured him the bill had come from his employer.

The man said he didn’t know the bill was phony and stressed that he’d gotten it from his employer, but he would not say who that was, Slaymaker’s report states.

At the jail, the man said his employer was his father but said he hadn’t gotten a fake bill from his father, the report states.