A confrontation between law enforcement officials and people at a post-wedding celebration ensued at a club Saturday night after a deputy announced he was serving misdemeanor warrants on the groom.

The incident happened at the El Cohiulu club, 2830 N. Highway 279, after deputies made a “walk-through,” a report by deputy James Stroope states.

The groom, Dion Herrera, 25, of Comanche, and his bride, Alexandria Herrera, 26, were booked into the Brown County Jail on rioting charges, jail records state.

A third person, Cristobal Perez, 36, of Brownwood, was also arrested on a rioting charge.

Additionally, Dion Herrera was charged with resisting arrest and was also booked on two Brownwood city warrants.

“(Deputies) didn’t know it was a wedding celebration,” Sheriff Bobby Grubbs said. “It was a routine inspection of this club, which is done periodically.”

Stroope and deputies Jed Polnick and Keith Varner made the “walk-through” and Stroope recognized Dion Herrera inside the club, Stroope’s report states. Stroope checked with a dispatcher and learned Herrera had two outstanding warrants.

Stroope met with Paul Morgan of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in the parking lot and told him Dion Herrera might run or fight when Stroope served the warrants, Stroope’s report states.

Morgan stayed by the back door and Stroope, Varner and Polnick walked inside and found Herrera. Stroope told Herrera about the warrants and said they were bondable, with a total amount of $800.

The Herreras told Stroope they had spent all of their money on the wedding and could not afford to get him out of jail, Stroope’s report states.

The Herreras cursed at Stroope, and “a large group of people came to the area of the club that we were at,” the report states.

Stroope warned Dion Herrera he would be Tased if he did not comply. “Dion … stood up and stepped back in a bladed stance and threw his arms in the air and stated ‘then Tase me, (expletive),’” Stroope’s report states.

“I deployed my Taser at Dion and observed that he began to walk toward the back door of the club and attempted to rip out the Taser probes,” Stroope’s report states. “It was at this time that I called for additional officers due to the crowd that had gathered around us being approximately 50 subjects who were screaming and cursing.”

Morgan and deputies took Herrera to the ground, and Stroope “noticed that Dion was still resisting resist,” Stroope’s report states. “I attempted to Taser Dion again by pulling the trigger … it appeared to have no effect on him. I radioed again for additional officers to come to our location due to a large group of people gathering in an aggressive manner. I heard dispatch advise that there were officers on the way at this time.”

The deputies and Morgan got Herrera into custody and took him outside, and Alexandria Herrera told Stroope “you Tased a girl,” Stroope’s report states. Stroope learned that a Taser probe had struck a 17-year-old girl in her right forearm. Guardian EMS personnel arrived and removed the probe from her arm.

Another man began to “scream curse words at the officers inside the building and make threats in general to all of us,” Stroope’s report states. Stroope arrested Cristobal Perez in connection with that incident.

Fifteen law enforcement officials from the sheriff’s office and TABC, Brownwood and Bangs Police, Department of Public Safety and Lake Patrol were involved by the time the confrontation ended, Stroope’s report states.