Bulletin Staff Report

The first of nine Texas Teen-Age Softball/Baseball Association tournaments taking place here this summer is already under way, and there are a number of benefits that the entire Brownwood/Early/Bangs area will experience — both economic and community pride-wise.

“We are thrilled that Brownwood was chosen again to host two state tournaments,” said Emily Crawford, director of tourism at the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Sporting events like this are a healthy boost to our local economy, because they bring hundreds of people to town who stay multiple nights. Most of the visitors will stay in hotels and will eat out for almost every meal. Plus, in their down time, family members like to shop, golf and see the local sites.”

That down time is part of what the teams enjoy about traveling for the tournaments.

“The teams had a wonderful time in Brownwood last year, and they are looking forward to coming back,” TTAS State Director Laquita Morris said.

Monday marked the first day of four weeks filled with district and state TTAS and TTAB tournaments. The first and third weeks feature softball action at the district and state level, while the second and fourth weeks will be highlighted by district and state baseball action.

According to Crawford, last year’s tournaments had a local economic impact of more than $78,000, and involved 160 hotel room nights.

“We expect about 150 hotel stays from the two tournaments this year,” Crawford said.

To help make sure that teams who visit Brownwood enjoy the area’s special “Feels Like Home” atmosphere, the Brownwood Area Chamber’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau will be welcoming the players and coaches by providing all of them with an official State Tournament water bottle.

“We are also arranging for the official tournament T-shirt for the softball tourney, which will proudly show Brownwood as the tournament location with the Brownwood logo. In addition, we are providing visitor maps for the spectators, as well as welcome packets for the coaches,” Crawford said.