Sitting in the oh-so-comfortable seating of the brand new theater at Brownwood High School, is impressive enough.

Then suddenly the sound of incoming choppers begins, and it’s like they’re there, really there, because the acoustics and sound system in the Dorothy McIntosh Fine Arts Center theater is that good. It’s a “wow” moment, and for many a celebration.

The bigger, better, finer stage is ready, and tonight Brownwood High School’s theater department makes its premiere performance with the popular “M*A*S*H” stage play, written by Tim Kelly and published out of Dramatic Publishing Company.

As those who have seen the original movie and the long-running TV series or its syndicated reruns know, the M*A*S*H acronym stands for “Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.” The play, like the movie and series is set in the 1950s, in Korea, during the war. The plot of the play is plenty different from the movie, but similarly involves two unpredictable madcaps — Captains Pierce and Forrest, better known as Hawkeye and Duke. Though the pair are known to be two of the best chest surgeons in South Korea, their antics do cause a stir. But because of their skill, they cannot be dealt with casually.

Then, when Hawkeye and Duke decide to wage a campaign to get a young Korean to the United States and entered in a good school, the comedy really begins to flow.

“M*A*S*H” opens at 7 p.m. today and other performances are 7 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the show will close at 2 p.m. Sunday. General admission is $6 for adults and $4 for students. Tickets for all performances are available from any cast member or may be purchased at the door.

Cast members include Alex Figueroa as Lt. Col. Henry Braymore Blake; Haley Blanton as Capt. Bridget McCarthy; Chelsey Revay as Lt. Janice Fury; Adam Owens as Sgt. Devine; Shannon Brisco as Lt. Louise Kimble; Scott Lindsey as Capt. Frank Burns; John Paul Hernandez as Father John Patrick Mulcahy; Victor Valenzuela as Capt. Walter Waldowski; Toby Mathis as Capt. John Black (Ugly); and Chris Wozniak as Cpl. “Radar” O’Reilly.

Benjamin Shero has the part of Capt. Benjamin Franklin Pierce (Hawkeye) and Charles Manning plays the part of Capt. Augustus Bedford Forrest (Duke). Others include Maitreyee Nigalye as Ho-Jon; Lindsey Brooks as Pvt. Lopez; Karson Haley as Lt. Nancy Phillips; Rachel Taylor as Maj. Margaret Houlihan (Hot Lips); Hannah Sharp as Congresswoman Goldfarb; Megan Green as Dean Mercy Lodge; Estrella Valenzuela as Miss Randazzle; and Holly Hawkins, Sarah Savell and Ellie Rmeili as Mitzi, Fritzi and Agnes. Megan Aust plays the part of Lt. Connie Liebowitz. Scott Funderburg is Capt. Oliver Wendell Jones (Spearchucker) and Ashton Holden is Maj. Ruth Haskell. The Koreans are played by Phoenix Solis, Kirsten Wooten, Kerri Jones, Dana Hernandez, Kelci Maxwell and Calli Dunaway. Jalisa Hall, Jessica Jordan and Juliya Tharp have the nurses’ roles.

Marcus Masqueda is in charge of lights and Matthew Roddam is in charge of sound. The Brownwood High School director of speech, theater and drama, Larry Mathis, is the faculty advisor and director for the play.