By Steve Nash

Brownwood Bulletin

EARLY — Another Early City Council member announced his resignation Thursday, the second to do so in two days and third in six weeks.

Pat Drew’s resignation leaves the council three seats short and unable to muster a quorum. Early City Administrator Ken Thomas said he was seeking guidance Thursday afternoon from the Texas Municipal League on how to address the quorum issue and on whether a special election will be required to fill two of the three vacancies.

One of the vacancies will be filled by Charles Matlock, who council members appointed Tuesday to fill the seat vacated by William Kelcy. But Matlock hasn’t been sworn and seated, so Kelcy’s seat is still vacant — and council members can’t meet to swear him in without a quorum, Thomas and Mayor Bob Mangrum said.

Thomas said late Thursday afternoon he thought that issue was about to be resolved. He declined to elaborate.

Drew’s resignation leaves Janice Bush and Benny Allcorn holding City Council seats — one short of a quorum.

Kelcy resigned from the council on June 10 because he moved out of town. David Gray resigned Wednesday, citing a disagreement with the direction Mangrum and the majority of the City Council are taking the city.

Drew could not be reached Thursday for comment, and Thomas would comment only generally about the contents of Drew’s resignation letter.

“He’s tired,” Thomas said. “He just said it was hard to continue to take care of business in the way he felt like it should be handled.”

When asked if Drew had expressed any disagreement with the rest of the council, Thomas said, “I think he feels like some of the direction the city is going is not the best. He’s just concerned with the direction the city is going.”

Mangrum said, “Part of it is, he’s worn out and burned out. We kind of had to encourage him as far as running (for re-election) last May. It was not unexpected in that sense. It’s not a shock that he’s stepped down.