Special to the Bulletin

Billy Wayne Cumba has announced that he will be a Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Precinct 3 in this years election. A lifelong resident of Brown County, Cumba is a senior lineman for TXU with 36 years service and a rancher with property in the third precinct. He is the father of three grown children.

Although he has never held public office, Cumba says he doesnt see that as a detriment. We all know so-called experienced politicians who, for whatever reason, have lost touch with the people who elected them. When that happens, the community they were elected to serve begins to suffer. I strongly believe that from time to time, new ideas and a fresh approach is necessary, he said. I believe now is one of those times.

Cumba added, I have given a lot of thought to running for commissioner for over 10 years. Due to family obligations and other considerations, I never felt like I could devote the time I feel is required to be a good, effective county commissioner. Now, the timing is right. Im approaching retirement at TXU, Ive reduced my ranching interests, and I can devote all of my time and energy to serving the folks in Precinct 3. If elected, I will be a full time commissioner. I take that responsibility very seriously.

There are several issues which Cumba said must be addressed as soon as possible.

I would work hard to ensure that each years county budget is researched, prepared and administered as efficiently as possible. he said. I believe there are ways to trim fat from the budget and still maintain or even improve the efficiency of county government. We just have to work as hard as possible to make every dollar count.

In addition, we have to ensure that the county roads our children travel on to and from school are well maintained and as safe as possible. Those kids are our most precious resource, and it is our duty to protect them. Since Precinct 3 includes a good part of the City of Early, Im concerned about the quality of our water system. All of us know how important water quality is, and there are issues in that area which have to be addressed. Lets address those problems before they become more serious, and therefore more costly.

By not being in office at this time, Im limited in what I can accomplish. As commissioner, Im prepared to explore every solution that would ensure an effective, safe water delivery system. I also believe that we can improve the standard of living for our citizens here in Brown County. But in order to do that, we must create an environment for our local businesses to expand their markets, grow, and become more profitable so their employees can earn a higher wage.