A woman was cited on a cruelty to animals charge Saturday after a couple witnessed her kicking a puppy down the alley, then taking the animal by its throat and throwing it into a Dumpster, leaving it for dead.

The pup, probably about 10 weeks old, “is doing OK,” said Amy Abernathy, a kennel technician at the Corrine T. Smith Animal Center.

“It’s skinny and it had lots of fleas,” Abernathy said, “but it’s a sweet little pup — just scared.”

Abernathy said the dog will be kept at the shelter until Aug. 8 to make sure it is healthy, and then will be put up for adoption. The male pup appears to be a border collie/spaniel mix, she said.

Brownwood Police officer Danny Hutchins wrote in his report that when he arrived at the alleyway between Santa Clara and LaMonte at about 6 p.m. Saturday, he found the dog lying in the Dumpster, but it was out of his reach, and he called animal control to rescue it. The witnesses said they had seen Sandra Nadia Sanchez kick the dog numerous times and then throw it in the Dumpster.

According to Hutchins’ report, Sanchez said the dog had been in her yard for several days and she couldn’t shoo it away. She said the dog bit her and that’s why she was kicking it. Sanchez showed Hutchins her wrist with two puncture wounds, that Hutchins reported could possibly have been a dog bite.

He also reported that once the animal was taken from the Dumpster it seemed “sweet and friendly and scared.”

In other incident reports filed Monday:

Hutchins also investigated the burglary of a habitation in the 2500 block of Belmeade, in which 20 DVDs, two DVD players, two 18-inch daggers and one 3-inch dagger were stolen. After a fight in the parking lot of a convenience store in the 500 block of West Commerce was reported about 2 a.m. Sunday, Ignacio Guerrero was arrested. Guerrero told Officer James Fuller he’d been jumped, and he didn’t know why, but he knew the people who “jumped” him, he said. They were his cousins. A woman reported to Officer James Kidd someone had charged $213.48 onto a credit card account she had closed June 1. The credit card company will not hold her responsible for the charges, she said, and it appears the charges were made by someone with a French address. Another woman asked to have a report filed to possibly have her name removed from warrants issued for her arrest for 18 checks “passed” in San Antonio and Devine. The woman said the checks were written on an account she had closed, after she had closed it. She reported she believed a book of 25 checks had been left in a mobile home she had lived in, but had been repossessed. Locks were cut on five storage units in the 3600 block of Austin Avenue. Officer Dustin Bode reported as of Wednesday, he had only been able to contact one of the storage unit renters, and that person did not notice any valuables missing. A 15-speed bicycle that had been chained underneath the steps at apartments on Bluffview Drive was stolen.