A seat belt violation led to a drug arrest. A man with warrants ran from an officer who recognized him, but didn’t get far. Another man with warrants gave a false name to an inquiring deputy.

Those were among arrests Brownwood police and Brown County Sheriff’s officers made in recent unrelated cases, according to officers’ reports.

Deputy Shawn Dibrell was driving east down Bangs Hill at 5:26 p.m. Sunday, and he noticed a passenger in a westbound truck was not wearing a seat belt.

The passenger quickly belted himself when he saw Dibrell, but Dibrell turned his patrol car around and stopped the truck, Dibrell’s report states.

Dibrell saw the driver and passenger make “quick furtive movements” as he approached, and both told Dibrell the driver was reaching for his insurance card.

A search by the department’s K-9 unit revealed marijuana in the vehicle. Brownwood residents Hector Castaneda, 19, and Danny Morales Jr., 21, were arrested on misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana.

In another incident Sunday, officer Troy Grusendorf saw a man he recognized, Ronald Banks, standing inside a fenced yard at Bailey and Beaver. Grusendorf knew the man had warrants and told him to come to the end of the fence line and speak with him, Grusendorf’s report states.

“I got a warrant, huh, G-man?” Grusendorf quoted the man as saying. “He looked at me and suddenly broke and ran toward the end of the residence,” Grusendorf’s report states.

Grusendorf jumped the fence and yelled at him to stop and pointed his Taser at the man’s back. The man stopped and threw down a crack pipe, Grusendorf’s report states.

Grusendorf arrested Banks, 52. Banks was booked into the Brown County Jail on charges of evading arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia, and on warrants for forgery, failure to appear and possession of drug paraphernalia, jail records states.

On Saturday, Dibrell made a traffic stop of a car with six occupants in the 1500 block of Market Place Boulevard.

Grusendorf arrived to assist and recognized one of the car’s occupants, who had given Dibrell a false name, Dibrell’s report states.

That person, Lynn Hamilton Scott, 23, of Brownwood, was arrested on warrants from Mills and Comanche counties, and on a new charge of failure to identify, jail records states.

Dibrell asked another deputy to begin filling out a citation for one of the passengers for allowing an unlicensed driver to drive his car. That passenger began cursing, and disregarded Dibrell’s warning to watch his language, Dibrell’s report states.

Kristopher Squyres, 20, was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge, jail records state.

In other incidents:

Officer Johnny Jackson arrested Klayton Wilson, 22, on a charge of assault with injury after a domestic disturbance in the 2400 block of Vine.

A 44-year-old woman told Jackson her boyfriend cursed at her son, head-butted her and pushed her down, Jackson’s report states. The suspect said he was arguing with the woman when he slipped on the carpet and fell on her, hitting her nose with his head.

Jackson was dispatched to the Wal-Mart parking lot on a report of an unresponsive person in a car. Employees told Jackson they saw the woman hold a can of “clean safe dust remover” to her mouth and inhale several times until she passed out.

The woman came around and was checked out by Guardian EMS and firefighters, who determined she was OK, Jackson’s report states. She told Jackson she was having a bad day and came to Wal-Mart to get high.

Callista Fergason, 22, was booked into the Brown County Jail on a charge of possessing and using a volatile chemical, jail records state.

A resident of Driftwood Apartments, 501 Main, argued with some of his neighbors. He pulled down his pants and invited them to kiss his buttocks. Officer Brandon Arnold was dispatched to the 1400 block of Avenue B on a report of a man with a gun. Arnold searched for a suspect and arrested Cody Clark, 26, on a Nolan County indictment for hindering and on a new charge of public intoxication, jail records state. Two men and two women ordered meals at Skillet’s and left without paying the $47 bill. A video showed them going to the cash register, where no employee was present. They stood there for a few seconds and left. Officer Sky Self arrested Ennis Williams, 48, and Todd Sims, 35, on public intoxication charges after receiving reports that two people were knocking on doors in the area of Brady and First and trying to sell items. Self arrested Robert Wright, 46, on a public intoxication charge after seeing a man staggering toward the Skinny’s store at 1501 Coggin. The man had fresh injection marks, and Self believed he saw evidence of narcotics injection.