Friends of David Mangus have set up a fund for the family at TexasBank.

Mangus was killed Monday near Mullin in a one vehicle rollover. He was taking his three children to school at Zephyr. Funeral arrangements are pending at Stacy-Wilkins Funeral Home in Goldthwaite, and services will not be scheduled until Mangus’ oldest son, Dustin, is released from Cook Children’s Medical Center in two or three days. Daughter Sidney, a third-grader, and the youngest son, JC, a first-grader, were treated and released from Brownwood Regional Medical Center Monday afternoon.

“Dave Mangus was the strongest family man, the strongest father figure I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing,” said Todd Rutherford, who had worked and been friends with Mangus for the last several years. Earlier this year the two men had become business partners in Dock Doctors, building docks and erecting steel buildings.

“Dave was a good hard worker, but if it was a choice between working late or making a Scout meeting with Dustin, work wasn’t an option. He was a family first guy,” Rutherford said.

The fund is named the Shannon Mangus Family Fund and deposits can be made at any of the TexasBank branches. Shannon Mangus, David Mangus’ widow is a nurse at the state school, and is staying in Fort Worth with Dustin. The younger children are with their grandparents.

Rutherford said Dustin’s left arm and ring finger were broken in the wreck and he had undergone surgery late Monday to have a piece of plastic lodged behind his eye removed.

“Doctors are hopeful they’ll be able to save his eyesight,” Rutherford said.

Rutherford said no one knows what happened to cause the accident, that the pickup had gone off the road on a straight stretch of highway.

“Dave was a careful driver, I didn’t really like to ride with him because I thought he drove too slow. The only thing we can imagine is that he saw a deer or something and swerved and that caused him to lose control. It’s such a tragedy,” Rutherford said.

“But knowing Dave, he would have done anything to save his kids. We lost him, but those three kids are going to be OK. We just need to help this family.”