Cold enough to snow Sunday, but warm enough to get out and about on Monday — that’s the official weather forecast from National Weather Service out of San Angelo.

Jack Frost and friends who blew through over the weekend are expected to have moved toward the Northeast fairly early this morning, though freezing temperatures through the night may have iced over a few puddles.

“The upper level storm system that’s been on top of us this whole weekend will be pretty much over,” said Terry Huber, senior forecaster with NWS, just after 4 p.m. Sunday.

But, Huber said, with a low of 32 Sunday night, kids going back to school and people headed for work could encounter “a few slick spots where water was standing.”

By noon today temperatures should have warmed to the high 50s — 57 or 58 degrees — and by mid afternoon temperatures should be in the low to mid-60s.

Huber said the precipitation should have also gone the way of the weekend storm system.

“It looks like it will be dry and fairly warm,” he said, “pleasant at least.”

Had the system moved any faster on Friday, this area could have had much worse conditions.

“Ice, well below freezing temperatures,” Huber said, “it could have been a significant system. Travel conditions could have been much worse.”

Sterling City and Sweetwater had received significant accumulations of snow through the weekend, Huber said, and it was continuing to snow Sunday afternoon in Abilene.

As much as three inches of snow was expected in areas north and west of Brownwood before conditions improved Sunday night or this morning.

But closer to home, while a few random snowflakes had floated here and there in the air around Brown County, the cold rain was the significant weather development.

Huber said the forecast does not show any more rain until Friday.

Then, he said, “this could all start over again.”