Texas Christian University from Fort Worth will invade Brownwood for The Spirit of Christmas Lighted Parade on Friday with the Frog Horn, not to be confused with the more famous Horned Frog.

TCU’s Frog Horn, built by a group of engineers from Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Company in Springfield, Mo., and donated to TCU in 1994, has been featured at TCU football games, baseball games and several bowl games. The tradition, according to TCU representatives, is to blow the 120-decibel locomotive horn whenever the Horned Frogs score during a game.

Jim Garvin, who has been running the Frog Horn for the past seven years, said he is looking forward to the parade.

“We are excited about coming to Brownwood and helping to bring in a great holiday season for everyone,” Garvin said, “We hope to help get a good crowd going out at the parade.”

The Frog Horn will arrive sometime between 2 and 3 p.m. Friday at the parade route. Brownwood residents are encouraged to come out before the parade, get a picture with the horn and take a look at what has been called “the most unique in all of college football” by ESPN. TCU fans or those interested in TCU will also be able to learn more about the university.

Along with the Frog Horn, the Tailgating Command Unit will also arrive on scene with a hot dog cookoff at noon Saturday at First Christian Church in Brownwood, according to Garvin. The unit, which is a renovated 1997 Ford F-450 ambulance, painted in spirited purple and white, features everything a tailgater could ever want.

“It has a 32-inch flat screen television in the back with a satellite and a 1,500-watt stereo system,” Garvin’s son, Justin said.

Tim and Tom Gibbons who graduated from TCU in the 1980s and who have family in Brownwood, according to Justin Garvin, oversee the Tailgating Command Unit.