Special to the Bulletin

    A Brown County jury Wednesday found Alvin Leon Gaines guilty of delivery of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone, and then sentenced him to 20 years confinement in prison, 35th District Attorney Micheal Murray said.

    Gaines was accused of delivering less than one gram of cocaine to a cooperating individual in January, Murray said, and the delivery took place on Gaines’ property at 604 Bailey St. near Cecil Holman Park, which is a drug-free zone.

    The case was based upon a controlled buy where Narcotic Investigator Bruce Spruill of the Brownwood Police Department surveilled while a cooperating individual made the buy and recorded the transaction using video and audio equipment.

    After the conviction, the jury heard punishment evidence concerning Gaines’ criminal history. Murray called Investigator Vance Hill to the witness stand, and Hill identified the defendant as being the same person who had twice previously been sent to the penitentiary for delivery of drugs.

    Murray said testimony showed that Gaines received a total of 25 years on the previous two sentences.

    The punishment range in this case was two to 20 years.