A 24-year-old man who let himself into a house on Vine Street, took off all his clothes and went to bed got a rude awakening at about 3:30 a.m. Friday when Brownwood Police officer Sky Self tried to handcuff him.

The woman residing at the house called police and said there was a criminal trespass order against the man, that he was not allowed at the house or within 500 feet, but she had awakened and found him asleep there.

Self reported Michael Wade Lancaster was angry and uncooperative, but calmed down when the handcuffs were removed long enough for him to dress. According to Self’s report, officer Troy Grusendorf did a background search while the intruder dressed and found there were two outstanding warrants for his arrest, as well as the protective order.

Lancaster was taken to jail, and as of Friday afternoon was still in custody.

In other police reports filed Friday, a 23-year-old woman involved in a fender bender shortly after midnight Wednesday told Brownwood Policeman Danny Hutchins, she hadn’t been drinking.

In fact, according to Hutchins’ report, Keylie Woodbridge, whose driver’s license has a Ranger address, said she had just been released from the hospital.

When Hutchins arrived at the scene, an alleyway in the 1100 block of Durham, Woodbridge was standing outside her 2003 Neon. Hutchins reported detecting a strong scent of alcohol when he interviewed Woodbridge, and asked her to perform field sobriety tests, three of which Woodbridge could not complete and two Hutchins said he did not ask her to attempt because she said she had a bad leg.

Woodbridge had three breath mints in her mouth, which Hutchins asked her to remove so she could take a breath analysis. On two readings, according to Hutchins report, Woodbridge’s blood/alcohol content showed 0.139. Legal limit is .08.

Woodbridge was arrested, charged with DWI and taken to jail but has since been released.

No other information about the wreck has been released.

According to a third report filed by Brownwood Police Officer James Kidd, a 3-horsepower mini bike was stolen from the unlocked garage in the 3800 block of Countyside.

The bike is unusual, the owner told Kidd, because it has a tractor-style seat. And the thief couldn’t have gotten too far on the bike, he said. It didn’t run. Kidd’s report said it appeared the bike was carried or wheeled down the drive and loaded into a truck.