Early Beginnings Learning Center on 809 Early Blvd. in Early was purchased by Shirley Stovall in December 2006. Shirley has been a resident of Brown County for well over 20 years, graduating with a degree in business management from Howard Payne University with a B.B.A. in Business Management.

Gary, Shirley’s husband, has been a life long resident of Brown County, the son of Melvin Stovall, former Sheriff and Commissioner of Brown County. They have four children. Their, daughter, Teresa, is a certified teacher and daycare director at Early Beginnings Learning Center. Several of their five grandchildren also attend the daycare.

Since taking over back in December, the Stovalls have made many improvements and renovations. One of the biggest en-hancements is the recent addition of their security system. They are able to constantly monitor each classroom with a full color, real time system as well as audio recording. “This is a real positive improvement,’ says Shirley.

“Not only is this a great training tool for our staff to constantly see where we can improve, but it also functions as a way to identify any problems in the classroom and remedy the situation.” The security system also helps regulate building safeguards by aiding in the prevention of potentially harmful situations. The building itself has also seen many new modifications that makes the facility more contemporary, child friendly and conducive to learning.

“We take each child’s education very serious,” says Shirley. “It is really important to us that are preschoolers are ready to enter Kinder-garten.” One of the daycare’s main goals is to is to teach their children the value of education and lifelong learning. They understand that children learn on their own individual levels and it is important to find what works for each child. They strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning to that particular child. As Shirley puts it, “I treat these kids as if they were my own grandchildren.”

The staff is one of the best you will find in this area. All seven teachers are very dedicated, extremely compassionate, and work well with the parents. Being a member of the TLCCA (Texas Licensed Child Care Associates), they have access to several resources as well as training that help them develop skills to create the most nurturing atmosphere for your child. Few daycares in the area are members of this association. Early Beginnings takes pride in not only meeting but exceeding the state standards for daycare facilities.

If you are considering summer daycare for you child, please check out Early Beginnings. They will have several trips and activities that will not only be fun for your child but also educational.