Trustees of the Early Independent School District will hold a public hearing on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas at the start of their regular session board meeting.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m. today and will be held in the library of the Early Elementary School, 965 Early Blvd. The board regularly meets on Tuesdays during the early part of the fall semester, but the meeting is scheduled for today so as not to conflict with the Early Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet that is being held on Tuesday.

Items for discussion on the regular agenda include a discussion of student drug testing and consideration for approval of proposals for the new elementary school furniture.

Other items, as listed on the agenda, are as follows:

•Consideration for approval of a Board Resolution explaining intent of 2008-’09 budget to fall short of proposed instructional expenditure target established by the commissioner of education;

•Consideration for approval of purchasing technology equipment;

•Review 2008 TELPAS results;

•Consideration for approval of a memorandum of understanding with TSTC;

•Consideration for approval of TEA Expedited State Waivers through the 2010-’11 school year;

•Review the legislative budget board Food Service Review;

•Review campus improvement plans for the 2008-’09 school year;

•Consideration for approval of a board member for the Brown County Appraisal District;

•Consideration for approval of substitute teach pay scale;

•Consideration for approval of accepting sealed bids for district-owned copiers;

•Consideration for approval of renewing membership in the Walsh Anderson, Brown, Schulze, and Aldridge, PC Independent Retainer Program.