During the week of Jan. 11, “Wine Enthusiast” magazine’s February 2010 issue with the annual Restaurant Awards feature will be available showcasing a select number of restaurants in North America. One of these restaurants is The Turtle Restaurant in Brownwood.

    The Turtle has been honored with the Award of Distinction. According to The Turtle Restaurant’s blog, the award represents their dedication to delivering one of the nation’s most wine-friendly experience to their customers.

    Mary Stanley, The Turtle Restaurant owner, read about the award in Wine Enthusiast magazine after a free lance writer who was writing for it visited the restaurant.

    “I applied for the award after I read about it,” Stanley said, “It’s a good evaluation of our business. We had to submit a menu, wine lists, our wine events, the glasses we use and pictures.”

    The article, to be featured in the February issue, will include a listing of The Turtle Restaurant and their contact information. In addition, the restaurant will be listed for an entire year as one of the “Award Winning Restaurants” in Wine Enthusiast’s online database.

    “We feel pretty excited about this, last year there were only 25 restaurants from Texas who received this award and most were in the metroplex and San Antonio,” Stanley said.

    The restaurant, which serves what it describes as “slow fresh food,”  is looking forward to holding a special New Year’s Eve dinner featuring Beef Wellington and, of course, sparkling bubbly wine.

    The Wine Exploration dinners will also continue in January 2010, featuring Luz de Estrella Winery from Marfa.