A man who took up residence for about three months in an old garage - without the owner’s permission - now has accommodations at the Brown County Jail.

Robert Wayne LeBlanc, 45, was arrested Saturday on charges of burglary of a building. LeBlanc had broken into and had been staying in a garage-type building in the 500 block of Belle Plain. The building is owned by Larry Hart of Zephyr.

According to a report filed by Brownwood police officer Chandra Geis, Hart works in another town nearby and had not had reason to check on the property in the last several months, until he was advised by an acquaintance that the acquaintance had bought an old 1947 Chrysler that supposedly had formerly belonged to Hart.

As far as Hart knew, he still owned the old vehicle, and it was stored in the building on Belle Plain. When Hart checked the building, he found the vehicle was missing, as well as the trailer it was on and some other items that had been left in the building. It also appeared someone had been staying in the garage and sleeping on an old mattress in the building.

Geis wrote in the report Hart made several attempts to catch the person staying in the building, and finally cornered LeBlanc, then contacted the police. The man who had bought the Chrysler had a bill-of-sale for it and some other items he intended to sell for the scrap metal. The car had already been sold and crushed, he said. The bills-of-sale had Hart’s name on them, but had been written by LeBlanc.

LeBlanc is being held in the Brown County Jail on a $5,000 bond.