She paid cash for the name-brand, onion-flavored chips, but when caught leaving a local grocery store with candy bars and shoelaces she hadn’t paid for in her purse, a woman claimed she was “disgusted with high prices.”

Suellen Walker Roberts, 44, of Rising Star had two Zone chocolate peanut butter bars, valued at $2, and a pair of Kiwi Sport shoelaces, valued at $2.90, in her purse when Charles Cooper, manager at Brookshire’s, detained her as she was leaving the store Tuesday. The woman had purchased a package of “Funyun” onion-flavored rings, but had not paid for the candy or shoelaces.

Trey Weathermon, a Brownwood police officer, was called to the store and when he interviewed Roberts, she said, “I know I made a mistake. All humans do. I shouldn’t have done it.”

And, Weathermon wrote in his report, when he asked Roberts why she had put the merchandise in her purse, she said, “I guess I’m disgusted with high prices and I’m on new medication, so maybe I wasn’t thinking straight.”

Weathermon issued Roberts a ticket and informed her she would need to appear in court. Also, she was issued a no-trespass warning, and cannot return to the store.

Also on Tuesday, Grusendorf arrested a 32-year-old woman, Laurie Ann Clark Franklin, he recognized and knew was driving with an invalid driver’s license. Grusendorf saw the woman turn onto Austin Avenue from Coggin, then, when she saw Grusendorf, turn into the Sonic Drive-In. The woman left the car and her father, who had been a passenger, got out of the vehicle and got back in on the driver’s side.

Grusendorf questioned Franklin when she returned to the pickup and placed her under arrest. Franklin’s passenger, 38-year-old Mark Anthony Sanchez, was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Brownwood police are seeking a registered sex offender for failure to report for two of his scheduled 90-day appointments. The male offender, 40, whose last known address was 1415 Ave. D, was charged in 1996 with sexual abuse of a 3-year-old relative. He last reported to authorities in October of 2006. Grusendorf made a routine check of the residence, and it seemed to be vacated. A second check, Grusendorf reported, showed the utilities had been disconnected.