Three juveniles reported as runaways are suspected of stealing pickup trucks earlier this week in Brownwood and Taylor County, Brownwood police Sgt. Troy Carroll said.

All three — two 15-year-old males and a 13-year-old male — were taken into custody. Two of the juveniles are foster children from other counties and have been returned to their home counties, and the third juvenile, who is from Brownwood, is in custody in Abilene, authorities said.

Authorities believe the trio took a 1991 Chevrolet pickup with the keys inside from the 1000 block of San Benito, Troy said. The theft occurred between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Oct. 29.

Authorities believe they drove the truck to Lawn, where they stole a Ford pickup, Carroll said. Shortly after midnight, a relative of the Ford’s owner saw the Ford, with one of the juveniles inside, traveling with the Chevrolet, occupied by the other two juveniles.

The relative, the owner and one other person confronted the three after they stopped in Lawn, Carroll said. Two of the juveniles ran off, but the other one stayed behind and was arrested by Taylor County deputies.

Authorities believe the two who ran off stole a pickup in Ovala and drove it to Fort Worth. They were caught in an attempted shoplifting at a Fort Worth mall, Carroll said.

In other incidents:

Police are investigating several incidents of criminal mischief involving smashed pumpkins that occurred Thursday night or Friday morning.

Carroll said vehicles were damaged in the 2800 block of Good Shepherd, the 2300 block of 11th, the 1800 block of 10th and on Stone Creek Circle.

Several mailboxes were damaged and pumpkins were found in the road in the South Creek and Woodbridge area.

Patrol officers have interfered with a 30-year-old man’s efforts to buy crack cocaine.

Officer Stephanie Morgan checked on a car after it pulled into a driveway at 1:12 a.m. Wednesday in a neighborhood known for drug trafficking. The driver slid low in his seat, attempting to hide from Morgan.

The man told Morgan he was headed “up the street” to buy crack at a house on Brewster. He said he pulled into a different driveway to try to avoid Morgan.

He said he’d gone to houses on Bailey, Irma and Brewster a few nights earlier hoping to buy crack, but no one would sell any because police were in the area, Morgan’s report states.

A woman told officer Patrick Sloan she was drinking beer in an apartment in the 1300 block of Brooks when someone knocked on the door late Thursday night. When she opened the door, she was confronted by another woman who insisted a man was inside and began swinging her arms. The first woman put up her arms to block the blows and was cut by an unknown object.

She refused medical help.