Meal prices for the Early Independent School District cafeteria will be increased for the coming term.

Breakfast prices will increase by 35 cents and lunch is going up a quarter.

Students who want second servings will be charged 75 cents per a la carte item, with the total price of several items not to exceed the cost of the meal ticket. Extra milk or juice will be 50 cents per beverage.

Under the new price structure, student breakfasts will be $1.35 per meal, or $6.75 a week. Reduced priced breakfast will be 30 cents per meal. Adult breakfasts will be $1.60 per meal or $8 a week.

Lunches, under the new price structure, will be $2 per lunch, per student, at the elementary and primary school level (or $10 a week) and $2.25 for the middle school and high school lunches (or $11.25 a week). Reduced price lunches will be 40 cents per meal.

Food service director Cherita Barker has asked that applications for free and reduced lunches be turned into the school’s principal’s office as soon as possible. However, students who were eligible for free or reduced lunch the last day of the school in May will continue to be eligible for 30 days after the start of school, Aug. 27.

The district has installed the “NutriKid” automated lunch cashiering system, which is fully operational and will be in use this year. Children may pay for their meals in the morning before class or parents/guardians may pay online for as many days and meals as desired. Each student will be issued a student ID card to be used for his or her individual meal account. Cards will be kept by the classroom teacher and handed out when the students go to lunch and students will be responsible for keeping up with their cards from the classroom to the cafeteria. At the cafeteria, the cashier will take the cards and return them to the classroom teacher to be kept until the next day.

At the June EISD board meeting, trustees discussed possible increases for the school lunch and breakfast prices, and the deciding vote for the increase action was taken last week at the July regular session meeting.

Superintendent Brett Koch repeated for the board at the June meeting that the Early Independent School District cafeteria was having to be subsidized by $175,000, and the increase of 25 to 45 cents per meal, or a change in the way “seconds” are figured — a la carte — could make a difference in that cost.

Also, Koch said, “The price of food is going up. Milk is much more expensive. Increasing the price of the meal is about the only way we can keep up with the rising costs.”

Approximately 42 percent of the EISD students are on a free or reduced lunch plan.