Students in Brown County’s seven school districts headed back to class Monday, and while it will take some days to get back in the “swing” of the routine, most administrators reported the first day “went smoothly.”

It’s also too soon to have complete registration numbers. Districts throughout the county, however, reported not too much of a change from last year’s numbers. Some districts were up a few students, some were down and a couple were close to what they had been.

Interim superintendent for Bangs, Billy Jack Rankin, said that school district’s student attendance count was down 18 students from the 2006 first day report, and 17 from the last day of class in May.

“We know that will change some,” Rankin said. “At our middle school, we had two students call in sick.

“Sick the first day of school,” he sighed.

This year’s first day number for the Bangs Independent School District is 1,106 students, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Blanket’s first day’s attendance at 219 (pre-k through 12th) was down a few — three students, actually — from the previous year. But Blanket Superintendent Kevy Allred said they expect to pick up a few more students in the next several days.

“We know of at least one student whose family is in the process of moving, and we expect her to be in school in the next day or so,” Allred said.

Brookesmith Superinten-dent Bryan Swartz could not be reached by phone Monday, and no first-day attendance report was made available.

Brownwood Independent School District’s first day final numbers were also not available Monday afternoon.

Assistant Superintendent Jeana Moss said, however, that the Brownwood district’s kindergarten and first grade classes are very tight in all the schools.

“Enrollment at Brownwood Middle School and Brownwood High School are down from the beginning of school last year,” Moss said. “Enrollment at Coggin Elementary is up from last year. We have had a smooth start on all the campuses and look forward to a great year.”

At Early, Superintendent Brett Koch said the numbers “across the board are about the same.”

Koch said, “Where we ended last year is very close to where we’re beginning this year.”

The Early primary school and high school are “up” one or two students, the middle school may be “down” a couple. Early High School had 400 students last year, Koch said, and the latest count, just after noon Monday, was 404 students.

May’s total enrollment is 252 students, pre-k through 12th, and that’s down “just a little bit, not very much” reported Superintendent Don Rhodes.

Zephyr’s first day attendance counted 190 students, which is up some over last year, “less than 10 more,” the attendance office reported.