The Corrine T. Smith Animal Center is making plans to continue providing an educational publication to Brown County’s seven schools, but contributions are needed to make it happen.

“Over 200 classrooms in every school district in Brown County receive KIND News, and we’ve received many letters of appreciation for providing it,” Johnnie Golden, animal center volunteer and board member, said. “We’re committed to do this for at least another year, but we really need the community’s help.”

This is the second year for KIND News, a monthly publication of the Humane Society of the United States, to be provided to students in Brown County schools.

It has three editions, targeted for different age levels in the kindergarten through sixth grade classes. Golden said the first year of distribution was funded by a grant from the national organization, and this year’s issues are being funded from the local animal center operating budget.

The center hopes contributions from the community will allow the publication to continue to be provided without using dollars that can otherwise go to operating the center. As a condition of the first-year grant, the center must provide the publication for at least three years.

The publication is a four-page, full color tabloid that explains how people can treat animals in a humane manner, offers curious facts about wildlife, profiles people who are involved in animal rescue and preservation and offers stories about young people who are active in finding homes for pets.

The cost to provide the newsletter to Brown County’s seven schools is about $5,000 a year. This week, Golden said, a gift of $1,000 from Landmark Life has helped get the campaign started on a positive note.

“The letters we’re getting back from the students let us know they appreciate it,” Golden said. “It tells them how they can become more caring not only to animals, but to the environment.”