Participation at Brown County “See You At The Pole” events Wednesday was significantly higher than in previous years, spokesperson Tammy Manning said.

“It was just marvelous,” Manning said Wednesday morning. “Attendance was up everywhere.”

Manning said 155 came to the event at Brownwood High School, while 175 were at the Brownwood Middle School program. Other figures she gave were 125 at Early High, 50 at the combined Brownwood Intermediate and Coggin Elementary event, 30 at Brookesmith, 25 at both Bangs and Blanket and 145 at a combined program at Victory Life Church and home school families.

The student-led prayer service began in Burleson in 1990 and the concept spread throughout the state, across the nation and to other countries like Canada, Guam, Korea, Japan and Turkey. Students began gathering at their schools’ flagpoles on the fourth Wednesday morning each September for singing, reading scripture and prayer.

More than 3 million students participate in the “See You At The Pole” events, according to it Web site,