Ronald R. Dobbs has spent his entire career selling. With his recently published book, he’s now trying to “sell” the idea of sales as a profession to others.

After 35 years in the sales business, the former Brownwood resident said he wanted a way to share the things he’s learned with others, and particularly young people who are deciding on their careers now.

“So I wrote a book,” Dobbs said on a visit to Brownwood earlier this month. In “Sales: A Career of Excellence,” he says he shares “secrets” that he has learned in the sales business.

Dobbs, a representative for United Salt Corp. of Houston, graduated from Brownwood High School in 1968, moved to New Braunfels 12 years ago. His wife, the former Gayle Chitwood, continues to teach piano.

“Selling is all about helping others get what they want,” Dobbs said. “That’s what I do. That’s why I wrote this book. The American dream is truly attainable, and a career in sales provides a real pathway to success.”

He believes anyone seeking career direction, or anyone dissatisfied in their current workplace, or even a salesman experiencing a slump, will find the 110-page volume beneficial.

“It’s amazing the large number of young people who lack a solid career direction, and the number of Americans dissatisfied in the current workplace is alarming,” Dobbs said. “Most jobs and careers in America involve selling in some way. Sales can be a very difficult and frustrating way to make a living. The turnover rate for salespeople is high. Knowing, understanding and developing the critical skills turns selling into one of the most rewarding and lucrative careers in our capitalistic marketplace.”

Dobbs said since his entire career has been devoted to helping others get what they want, the book is a natural extension of his work, and a way to reach a larger audience.

The book is designed to be an easy read, Dobbs said, with multiple photographs, charts and lists. The volume includes endorsement from J. Michael Pullin, executive vice president of First Fidelity Bank; Jim O’Donnell, president of United Salt Corporation; Lynn Caddell, retired sales representative for Monsanto; and Michael Fitsko, seminar leader and education administrator.

“The opportunities existing in the field of sales toward building a lifelong career are practically boundless,” Dobbs said. “It’s a ‘can-do’ for anyone. Those without an advance education, those without an abundance of talent and those whose background may not be as privileged as others can succeed and find their American dream. Becoming good at sales is not a difficult thing. The critical factors to succeeding are knowledge and then developing the skills to use that knowledge.”

Dobbs, who worked as in real estate while living in Brownwood, graduated from Texas A&M University in 1972, the same year he and his wife were married. They have two daughters, Jennifer, who lives at home, and Ashley Benson, who lives with her husband Jeremy and their two children in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Dobbs’ Web site is, and the book is available there and through the Web sites of Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Borders and other sources.