The prospect of rain from the remnants of Tropical Storm Erin forced the postponement of Saturday’s scheduled volunteer work day at Greenleaf Cemetery, but when the sun appeared instead several dozen workers showed up anyway.

But the official work day — complete with soft drinks, hot dogs and other conveniences such as portable rest rooms — will still be held this Saturday.

“We still had about 35 people show up,” Vonne Cornett, one of the volunteers, said. “I’m so delighted to see so many people totally committed to this project.”

Cornett said about 50 volunteers had agreed to work last Saturday before the decision to postpone the work day was made Friday. Dozens of families have stepped forward to help after grass and weeds grew tall in the historic Brownwood cemetery, and financial limitations and rainy spring weather combined to limit the efforts of the few maintenance workers on the cemetery’s staff.

“A decision had to be made on Friday whether to go forward, and with the weather forecast it was decided not to hold it,” Cornett said. “But when the weather was nice, I decided to go out to the cemetery to see what I could do on my own, and to be there in case anyone else showed up. A lot of other people did the same thing.”

Rainfall in the Brownwood area was minimal, but the area from Abilene to San Angelo, including Runnels County, and other areas north of Abilene experienced flooding Friday and Saturday. The system then moved into Oklahoma where heavy rains caused extensive flooding around Oklahoma City.

Cornett expects this Saturday’s work day will generate even better results thanks to the efforts of volunteers last weekend.

“Everybody has been working together for the cemetery, and it’s involved a lot of families,” Cornett said. “We’ll gather around 8 a.m. this Saturday and see what we can do.”