Rosemary Harlow’s dealt with more loss in the last week than some people have in a lifetime.

Her son Scott Grammer died in a fire early Saturday morning that completely destroyed her home in Country Club Acres. Harlow got out of the house in her nightgown and not a single other possession.

“It just hits you over and over,” Harlow said. “I look at my wrist to see what time it is, I don’t have a watch. Nothing’s left. My rings are gone. I’m wearing clothes somebody gave me, but those are material things, things that can be replaced.”

So Harlow clings to the “last” hope she’s got. She wants to find her dog Scooter.

“Dog lost during fire in Country Club Acres. / Beagle / Basset / Name is Scooter, wearing green collar with two ID’s. 325-646-3433, 325-646-6392, 325-646-5759,” Harlow’s ad in today’s classifieds reads.

“We know he got out,” Harlow said. “They’ve seen him around the country club. One morning Marla Stanley fed him, but he went on, and she hasn’t seen him again.

“I’ve yelled and yelled until I lose my breath, she said, tears spilling down her cheeks.

Scooter, or “Scootie” as Harlow calls him, is a basset/beagle mix older than 10, but she’s not sure how old. His ears are getting gray, his face light, but he has the hound bay that makes him sound almost young. And other than those common signs of age, Scootie’s the typical beagle tri-color — black, white and a little tan.

“He’s got a white ‘Nike’ swipe on his back part,” Harlow said.

Harlow’s always taken in strays, and Scootie showed up “out at the farm” about 10 years ago.

“My husband kept seeing him, and he’d hear him bay. Then one day, there he was stranded on a little hill, surrounded by water and baying so sad and soulful.

“M.C. just said, ‘Come on we’re going home.’”

Her daddy raised beagles, Rosemary said, and she feels like she was “born with dogs. Daddy always had bird dogs, a pointer and a setter, and Scootie always made me think of the dogs I had growing up.”

M.C. Harlow and Scooter were a pair, Rosemary said, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks. In fact, Scooter would get jealous at almost any other person or animal that might catch his attention. Then, suddenly, the day after Mother’s Day in 2000, M.C. died in his chair at their home on Thrill Hill and Rosemary came home and found him, Scooter by his side.

“I’ve buried my husband. I’ve lost my son. They say Scott didn’t suffer, and I’m thankful for that, but my heart’s breaking. I love the Lord with all my heart, and he’s seen me through this, I’ll just pray he’ll help me find Scootie.”