Many of the questions that are part of a 305-question security audit required by the Texas Education Code were addressed in the renovations included in the 2005 bond package, members of the board of trustees of the Brownwood Independent School District were told Monday.

“Each campus has done an outstanding job in their emergency planning,” Assistant Superintendent Kevin Gabaree told the board. “We’re very proud of them in preparing for the unknowns out there.”

The comprehensive security audit covers specific issues regarding safety and security, monitoring and surveillance, communications, emergency operations and general climate and culture, Gabaree said.

Areas in which improvements are still in progress in include monitoring and surveillance at the high school, and communication methods at three elementary schools, which don’t have the two-way systems that are available at Coggin, Brownwood Intermediate, Brownwood Middle and Brownwood High schools.

“There are still areas we are monitoring,” Gabaree said, including lighting at the high school.

Security concerns were primary concerns of a citizens committee that advised school administrators and trustees on possible construction projects as the package was being developed in 2004. Committee members’ suggestions resulted in revisions and additions to preliminary renovation plans at several campuses.

In another report, Assistant Superintendent Jeana Moss said that all campuses are meeting requirements for the Adequate Yearly Progress evaluation.

“It all looks good,” Moss said.

The ratings in this report are important to the district when it seeks grants and Title funding from the federal government, she said.

“This is the federal AYP report, and it doesn’t get all the press that the state ratings get, but it’s very important,” Dr. Reece Blincoe, superintendent, said.

In other action, the board:

• Approved the district and campus plans for the 2008-2009 academic year. Each is primarily an update of last year’s plans, Blincoe said, as extensive overhauls are undertaken on alternating years.

• Approved the reappointment of David Bullion and Vincent Ornelas as board members for the Brown County Appraisal District Board, for two-year terms.

• Conducted a public hearing on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, at which no one spoke. During a board discussion, administrators discussed the one indicator of 24 in which the district did not receive all the points possible. The district scored 83 out of a possible 85, and it missed two points because debt related expenses were not less than an average of $250 per student. Blincoe said as the district makes its bond payments, only adding more students will change this situation, which could remain for five years.

Trustee Eric Evans focused on another indicator showing that the percent of operating expenditures for instruction was just below the 65 percent target level, at approximately 64 percent.

“If we’re asking our students for exemplary performance, the district should have exemplary performance too,” Evans said.

Blincoe said Brownwood still received the maximum number of points allowed for that indicator.