Bulletin Staff Report

Twelve-year-old David Martin of Coleman has a Christmas List that’s probably pretty similar to other boys his age. He wants a PlayStation 2-Portable with a couple of video games. He also wants some new clothes for school, but he was pretty specific on the style.

“I want a new pair of cowboy boots and new cowboy belt, western shirts and jeans,” he said last weekend while waiting to visit with Santa at the Lake Brownwood Lions Club.

Martin’s family friend Shiean Walters, 6, hopes that Santa brings her something to help her listen to her favorite singer.

“I want an iPod to listen to Hannah Montana,” she said. “And new clothes and a High School Musical 2 DVD.”

Three-year-old Mia Martinez, of Lake Brownwood, said all she wanted for Christmas was a spotted puppy. Her older sister Elaina had a little longer list.

“I want a crown for my horse and a radio and a Princess watch, one with lots of princesses on it,” she said.

All four of the children had the opportunity to tell Santa first-hand what they hoped to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Inside today’s edition of the Bulletin is a section featuring letters area school children have written to Santa, as well as Christmas greetings from area merchants.