Special to the Bulletin

The Fourth of July weekend proved to be a huge success for the Brownwood community, Lake Brownwood and many local businesses, Emily Crawford, tourism director of the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce, said Thursday.

“Tourists and weekend visitors poured into Brownwood to celebrate, as Lake Brownwood it was one of the few lakes open for recreation due to the flooding across the state,” Crawford said. “Advertising for the Lake Brownwood Fireworks Spectacular in Midland, Odessa, Abilene and Brownwood created a buzz that drew thousands of visitors.”

Lake Brownwood Fireworks Spectacular committee members expressed amazement at the number of vehicles that entered the Feather Bay Subdivision for the fireworks show.

“We were thrilled! It goes to show what can happen when everyone works together,” said committee chairman Steven McCrane.

Approximately 1,000 vehicles and 3,000 people entered the Feather Bay Subdivision. Other lake locations, such as the Lake Brownwood State Park and Flat Rock Park, were packed with fireworks show spectators. Highway right-of-ways around the lake and the dam were also full for the show.

Viewing from the lake itself was described as superb by committee members. The Lake Patrol of the Brown County Water Improvement District No. 1 reported 400 boats on the water watching the show, Crawford said. Boaters offered complimentary remarks about the quality of the fireworks show.

Not only was the fireworks show a success for the community, it was also a wonderful weekend for hotels in the area. The Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce reported that all of the lake accommodations were full, and hotel occupancy in town peaked at 100 percent on Saturday night for several of the local hotels.

The Fireworks Committee met Wednesday to review the event, and because of the success of the fireworks show, the group is making plans for next year. Members said it will include more entrances and exits into the viewing area for faster traffic flow, additional restroom facilities and an alternative close-up viewing area for VIP sponsors.

The Fireworks Committee is McCrane of CenTex Billing, Wanda Furgason of the Early Chamber of Commerce, Ron Watson of the City of Brownwood, Craig Seiger and Bill King of the Lake Brownwood Community Development Council, and Crawford of the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce.