Some last-minute changes were needed after additional information regarding grant conditions were received, but Brown County Commissioners approved Monday a resolution in support of a Public Safety Interoperable Communications grant for 11 mobile radios.

The county will pay 20 percent of the approximately $38,000 the radios will cost. Precinct 1 Commissioner Steve Adams said the City of Brownwood is expected to apply for a Homeland Security grant of a similar amount, with the same 80-20 match, that will provide the “gateway” needed to link the radios.

The item was one of several that went before commissioners court Monday morning before its members returned in the afternoon to resume a series of budget workshops.

In other action taken by the court:

• A plat on Patsy’s Pastures presented by Charles McDonald was approved for a development at the intersection of County Roads 151 and 152.

• A hiring of a new jailer at the Law Enforcement Center was approved, at the base salary of $18,500 annually.

• The purchase of a new laptop computer for the county court-at-law was approved, with an expenditure not to exceed $1,200. Judge Frank Griffin told commissioners that the second laptop for the office would expedite the processing of evidentiary warrants in DWI cases.

Warrants can be sought by law enforcement officers from Griffin when a DWI suspect refuses a breath test but the officer believes he has probable cause to seek a court-ordered blood test. Griffin said the laptop now in his office is connected to a data base that cannot be disconnected, so another laptop with a portable printer could be taken home with him to generate warrant paperwork when he grants them.

• Approved a telephone system costing $6,895 that will link the offices of the district clerk, district court and county court-at-law.

• Approved the only bid for crushed rock from Laredo Paving Inc., presented by Precinct 4 Commissioner Larry Traweek.

• Delayed action on a request from Frank Leonard of Fort Worth, representing 1st Investors, to be approved to offer a “457 Plan” for pretax contributions to retirement programs. Leonard had initially made a presentation in March, and was unable to attend a meeting two weeks ago when the matter was also on the agenda.

Adams, who was presiding at the time during the temporary absence of West, asked for additional literature and said the item would be placed on the agenda for next week’s meeting. Leonard said the 1st Investors plan would not replace, but would supplement, the existing investment portfolios available to county employees through the Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company.