Monday was the first day of the school year for most districts in Texas, and across the state, excited children were dropped off for class by equally excited parents.

Judging by the comments of a sample of students contacted at Northwest Elementary School the end of the day Monday, the students’ enthusiasm was enhanced by what happened on opening day.

One student was happy about his teacher. Another was pleased with the playground. One even said she enjoyed the tests.

The following students were interviewed for their first-day reactions:

Preston Ramsey (Third grade), “I have the teacher that I have always wanted to be my third grade teacher.”

Heather Owings (Third grade), “I just think its amazing that we get to come here three years in a row, and this is the best school I have ever been to.”

Isaac Lock (Pre-K) “I am excited about playing on the playground.”

Naiyve Perot (First grade) “I like school because you get to learn things and take tests. Test are my favorite thing about school.”

Mia Romero (First grade) “I like making things, having fun with my friends and seeing new things.”