Brownwood police arrested two suspects early Thursday morning, minutes after a husband and wife reported someone was breaking into their storage shed.

Police are seeking a third suspect in the break-in, which happened at 1:34 a.m. in the 2200 block of Elizabeth. The trio got inside the shed, but fled without taking anything, police said.

Diego Ramon, 17, of Brownwood was booked into the Brown County Jail on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity, burglary of a building and unlawfully carrying a weapon, jail records state.

Ricky Smith, 20, of Brownwood, was booked on charges of engaging in organizing criminal activity and burglary of a building.

Bonds had not been set as of Thursday afternoon.

Lt. John Harper said the burglars moved a pressure washer in the shed, which caused a post hole digger to fall. The noise from the post hole digger falling, combined with a neighborhood dog that began barking, prompted the 49-year-old woman who lived there to look out the window, Harper said.

The woman, who’d been up watching a movie, saw three males gathered around the shed and called 9-1-1, Harper said.

A report by officer Patrick Sloan gave details of the arrests.

Sgt. Mitch Slaymaker radioed that he saw three males running in the 1300 block of Poindexter. Sloan turned into a nearby alley and saw two males running. Sloan drew his pistol and ordered the men to the ground.

The suspects went to the ground, and after officer Mike Clark arrived, the officers handcuffed the suspects and allow them to sit up. The suspect identified as Ramon had an empty nylon pistol holster.

The suspects told the officers they had not broken into a building. They said they were just walking in an alley, then ran away because they were out past curfew. One of the suspects said a third person had been with them. The other suspect initially said there was no third person. He later said there was a third person but told the officers he would not “give him up.”

Slaymaker radioed for the officers to bring the suspects back to the location of the break-in. The woman who lived there, who had seen the burglars in the moonlight and outdoor lighting, identified Smith and Ramon as two of the three suspects, Sloan’s report states.

Cpl. Art Shannon later found a .25 caliber pistol, which contained a clip and had a bullet in the chamber, and a flashlight in the area where Smith and Ramon were arrested.

Ramon told the officers he had stolen the pistol from a truck in Edinburgh eight months ago, Sloan’s report states.

Harper said the officers had done excellent work, starting with their prompt arrival on the scene. They formed a cordon to catch the suspects, preserved evidence and did a good on-scene investigation, Harper said.

“They did great,” he said.

In other incidents:

Someone took a wallet and a cell phone from a vehicle parked in the 2300 block of 10th. Someone damaged a door frame in an attempted to break into a vehicle parked in the 1900 block of Avenue C. Someone entered a vehicle parked at the same residence but did not take anything.