††† Ask any 8-going-on-9-year-old what he wants for his birthday, and youíre likely to get a list thatís both long and specific.

††† Not so with Kurtis Landry. Well, his list was pretty long and it was sort of specific, but it really wasnít about him at all. It was about getting and giving toys to other children who might not have as many toys as he did.

††† Guests to Kurtisí birthday this fall were specifically asked to bring a gift, and, they were asked to please leave it unwrapped. All the gifts they brought, guests were told, were going to be donated to the annual Toys for Kids drive.

††† Kurtis, now 9, is third-grader at Early Elementary School. His parents are Ben and Laura Landry.

††† ďI wanted to give toys to the kids who donít have any, because I have some,Ē he said.