Brownwood Animal Control Officer Nick Ferguson has a reminder for dog owners: "You are 100 percent responsible for your dog at all times."

That would apply to all pets, but Ferguson made his comment about dogs a day after two people were bitten by dogs in unrelated incidents.

In one of the incidents, a dog pet a person on the toe inside a home during some aggressive playtime involving dog and human, Ferguson said.

In the other incident, a 12-year-old girl was bitten as she walked down a residential street.

Two boxer dogs somehow got loose from their yard or home and ran up to the girl, according to a police report. One of the boxers jumped on the girl, and the other one bit her on her left calf, breaking the skin.

The girl called out for help, but there was no help available. The dogs' owners weren't around. The girl managed to run away, with the dogs chasing her before losing interest.

She sustained scratches and the bite to her calf, and went to the Brownwood Regional Medical Center emergency room, where a police officer took a report.

If your dog bites someone, Ferguson said, the animal will face a 10-day quarantine at a veterinarian's office if either or both conditions apply:

The dog's rabies shots are not current.

The dog was unrestrained.

If the owner doesn't want to have the dog quarantined, there is another option - have the animal put down and tested for rabies.

If the dog is current on rabies shots and was retrained at the time of the bite, the animal faces home quarantine for 10 days, Ferguson said.

The same rules apply to cats and ferrets, and if medical treatment is necessary, the animals' owners should be prepared to pay the costs, Ferguson said.

If an animal attack results in a major injury or death of a person, criminal liability can apply, Ferguson said.

In the case of the two boxers, the girl can't identify which dog bit her so both animals will be quarantined, Ferguson said.

There have been 2,945 calls to Brownwood Animal Control this year. Those calls have consisted of:

Dead animals - 238 calls

Animal cruelty - 152 calls

Animal bites - 43 calls

General complaints - all other calls